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26 March 2016 / By aSN3298KdjgDo
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India, with its massive population, is a country attracting throes of media – due to its sheer size. A success story means multi-million subscribers – and that has what made the digital entry into the country a huge success.
A study had once revealed that young teens in smaller towns are as tuned in digitally as the urban ones. Most of them own smartphones and hence have a proficiency in social media. They follow celebrities and in constant connect with everything trendy in the country.

With the study conducted in 1739 schools in 14 cities, almost 93.2 per cent were found to be on the social media site – Facebook, in Bhubaneswar (Orissa). The rest of India falls behind. Past winner was Ahmedabad, another Tier 2 city – just proving the kind of inroads that digital India has made into the country.

But this doesn’t come as a surprise. With most of the telecom sectors concentrating on smaller towns, the industry has only become more competitive. With Reliance Jio entering the market, and by forcing the rest of the telecom sector to slash rates, connecting to the world is no big deal anymore.
India, with a young demographic, is now seemingly attracting a shopping culture online. Delhi teens leading the pack as far as e-shopping is concerned. Conversations too seem to be preferred on Whatsapp than other conventional channels.

The survey also brings to light, the gender parity – with boys more active than girls. Perhaps due to the lack of education and access to mobiles among them. However, with smartphones being the answer to every tiny process, it isn’t far that digital will be the way to go. Demonetisation gave a push to the e-commerce industry, and with the growing influence and comforts of digital India, this trend is only to rise.

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